Day 153: Arrival at Cape Reinga

Sat 24 June 2017

  • Km today: 15
  • Total Km: 3103

Today I reached Cape Reinga lighthouse and the northern most end of the Te Araroa trail at the much photographed AA sign. This marked the end of my 5 month journey of New Zealand by foot.

There is so much to reflect on and to write, which will be coming soon… But first some rest. Oh and look for a job I suppose.

Massive thanks to every one who has supported me along the way and been so generous with donations to St John – donations can still be made via my blog.


The pre arrival crew walk the final kms with me (Ben, Adam, Gillian, Tash, Kirsten)


A fantastic St John welcome (Shane, Louise, Robin)


It’s a wrap

9 thoughts on “Day 153: Arrival at Cape Reinga

  1. Carolyn Burn says:

    Hi Mark..Rob and I are so proud of you and your effort we have loved reading your journey and look forward to hearing how things go in the months to come. Stay in touch Rob and Carolyn The Villa YHA Picton


  2. Marianne says:

    Congratulations. You’ve done! You can be soooo proud of yourself. Fantastic achievement.
    Job will come! Just sit back and wait.


  3. JK says:

    SUPER PROUD OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE MARK….Please keep walking and taking photos. Your blogs has been a constant source of enjoyment for us all. xxxx


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