4th December 2016 at 3:17pm

This was the moment when I suddenly had a strong and clear realization that I had been putting off a ‘bucket list’ experience and the only one that could change that was myself. So the next morning I handed in my resignation and told as many friends and family as possible that I would be off walking the country – the experience being to follow Te Araroa – The New Zealand Trail, which is a 3,000 km walk between Cape Reinga and Bluff.

Typically hikers commence from Cape Reinga in spring and walk south to Bluff, however as I would not be commencing until late January 2017  I will be making the walk from Bluff north to Cape Reinga. Its a journey that usually takes the best part of 4 months or approximately two months per island to walk. It is not a race and as I am intending to make the trip alone I will need to be cautious, rational and take it slow. I want to enjoy the journey and make it all the way safely and in one piece. Plus I also want to get out and meet New Zealanders, stop to help with events and walk other trails around New Zealand which are not part of the official Te Araroa trail.

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  1. Well looks like I have stumbled upon the right place to find out about walking in NZ. Maybe not all of it though. Given the bubble I’m sure we will be over in the next 18 months or so. I look forward to reading more. Louise


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