Day 55 – 56: Omarama to Hokitika

Sat 18 – Sun 19 March 2017

We crossed through low clouds over the Lindis Pass and down into the Tarras Valley. The weather had improved during the journey yet it was still to windy to go paragliding  with Haydon unfortunately. So we continued through Wanaka and took the scenic Haast road to the west coast. It has been a good few years since the last trip to Jackson Bay so we made the detour south along the coast. No visit to Jackson Bay is complete without a meal at the colourful despite expensive seaside Cray Pot cafe. Take your sand fly repellent and slather on all exposed flesh as these suckers are vicious.


We stay the night in Franz Josef with Wayne – his parents also happen to be staying so we have a fun night reminiscing on Naike life whilst enjoying Wayne’s hospitality and great cooking. The following morning is grey and drizzling however it clears slowly as we proceed up the coast line. By the time we have reached Hokitika it has become fine, We have an afternoon to explore the many art and craft shops, heritage buildings and beach which is worthy of an afternoon itself. After dinner I go down to photography the driftwood Hokitika sign and meet an European couple who are proudly holding some Kahawai. I ask if they have caught it from the river mouth but no, they had been watching the locals fishing who generously gave them the fish. They were off to the camp ground to try and cook them up.


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