Day 10: Te Anau

Wed 1 February 2017

  • Km today: 0
  • Total Km: 223

Today was a rest and resupply day. Through the generosity of my hosts at Radfords on the Lake I was able to wash and dry my clothes (even folded by the housekeeping staff 🙂 and have a shave. What a great pleasure to be clean shaven again. I’m not sure how I am going to continue tackling facial hair over the months but can worry about that later. I needed to get more food and replace the pack cover which had blown away on the Takitimu Track. How nice to have a sunny day after the miserable day yesterday. I was walk I along the main street when I spotted a guy carrying his life. Literally about 5 plastic bags and hold alls of varying sizes. With the compassion of Radfords on the Lake fresh in my mind I asked him if he needed help. His name was Leo, from China and about to start at Otago University. He had crashed his car the day before and was heading to the police station for some advice. To make a long story short I spent the morning liaising with his insurance company and the local panelbeater who were going to assess the damage. We got Leo ensconsed at the Holiday Park for the night and arranged on a bus to Dunedin the next morning. I said my goodbyes and headed off to get my supplies. That afternoon I was talking to the hotel staff who low and behold had been driving right behind Leo and had assisted after the crash. Such a coincidence, but hold on it gets better. The staff member was none other than Toni Thompson who had been at Rainbow Springs in Rotorua. Small world ah industry folks! We had a good natter. Later I saw Leo in town again (Te Anau not being very large) and he showed me his car. Him and occupants were lucky to be alive. It was his second right off. Maybe some people shouldn’t be driving…


In the late afternoon I was collected by Shaun and his friend Cathy as I was to be staying at his place for the night. We firstly drove our to Manapouri where I haven’t been before and to his place. It is on airbnb if anyone is looking for accommodation there. The property ended at the lake edge and reminded me of the lake houses you see in the states, boats tied to jetties and surrounded by trees. Such a great spot. We went to check that his boat wasn’t submerged as the lake had risen 2m with the recent rain. Fortunately it was high and dry, not so fortunate the dingy adjacent that was 3/4 submerged.


Then it was along to the 22,000 acre Mount Prospect Station for a delicious roast meal and fantastic company. It was tempting to stay longer but I had walking to do.


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