In absentia

It has been a good while since my last blog update, hasn’t it..?

To be honest I have had a bit of a pip with Vodafone as they wouldn’t sponsor additional mobile data so I could blog more frequently and effectively. So I’ve done some walks and have the Abel Tasman to go then I will sit down for a couple of days and blog my little heart out.

Stay tuned and also look forward to a great new competition starting on the 1st of April.

And in your spare time, while not reading my blog, you can vote for the St John shuttle (it won’t cost you a cent) at

Or admire my distinctly non-brochure view of Lake Kaniere near Hokitika.

4 thoughts on “In absentia

  1. ralewis43 says:

    I’ve missed the blogs so lòok forward to a mega catch up. Hope all is well with your feet.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Pare heta (Aunty) Barcon says:

    Kia ora Mark…it’s Aunty…hoping that u can meet with my nephew hokimai chong who works for tourism nz..lives in wgton…fingers crossed…


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