Day 44 – 52

Tue 7 March – Wed 15 March 2017

I will be taking a break from walking to attend the wedding of the year in Wellington for Kylie and Dave. This requires getting to Christchurch for flights and I take the opportunity to meet up with good friends Jodie and Paulette whilst there before the flight north.

My left shin has still been sore after walking distance so Jodie arranges an appointment with a local physio. But not before we do a yoga class in the morning. Beginners mind you, and actual beginners rather than a mixed class of proficiency. So it was a relaxing and enjoyable class rather than feeling that you are woefully inflexible (which I mostly am). The physio got down on his hands and knees. I should have told him that it is a danger area around my feet but he didn’t seem to notice, or was too kind to turn his nose up! The diagnosis was immediate – I have a collapsed arch, probably from rolling my ankle at some point. It didn’t occur to me at the time but it would have been when I was doing the Motatapu. I was given exercises to do after each walk and a couple of $3 arch supports to insert into my shoes. A pair of $50 compression socks which I can wear while walking or during the night completed the treatment package. The effect of having the arch support installed in my shoe is immediate. There is no pain in the shin area. Hopefully it will continue once I am back on the trail again.

The wedding is beautiful and I am delighted to share in such a joyous occasion with the bride and groom plus their friends and family. Thank you to Chrissy and Ali for having me. Soon though it is time to return to Christchurch to spend time with Nick and Bethany before my parents arrive from Auckland. They will spend two weeks in the south Island with me. Having done the journey thus far alone I am pleased to have company and support for a while at least. We spend the first night in Geraldine. From there it is not far to Tekapo where I will rejoin the Alps 2 Ocean cycle trail.

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